L is for Library and Ex Libris

One of the perks of being a student (read: passionate learner) is the joy of indulging in office supplies. Indulging in office supplies? yes. I love to add little colourful pops of joy into my work (and pleasure). I have spotted stickies in my Reiki books to demarcate key concepts, and colour coded flags in my chakra books to help locate the colours faster. And, of course, my growing home library is colour coded so that I can find things faster.

These cute bookplates from Orange you Lucky! Are a cute addition to any book, or library. And are a nice way to ensure you’ll get your books back. If you choose to use them, make sure to thank Orange you Lucky! for their work.


J is for Just Observe

Just observe.
Observe without judgement. Look and see what is there. Inquire. Just observe.

These are a few of the key phrases in the mode of inquiry used by my teacher, Ojelanki, during satsang. Satsang is a non-dualist tradition of inquiry which allows you to question your true nature. What satsang leads you to uncover is your connection with all being.

Just observe is a principle that focuses on using sensory perception to speak about experience. The “just” is a reminder not to judge, not to move beyond the observation.

Observation is more difficult than it sounds. How does one speak about their nose at this moment? Or, what it is that you notice before you? We may say we are happy, but this is a word that denotes a series of feelings. What are they? sensations. colours. textures. temperatures.

Just observe. See what you notice. And, notice your transformation.

I is for Ice Cream

Little pleasures, like a fresh bowl of ice cream, are a nice way to unwind after a long summer day at work. Not only does making ice cream give you a way to focus on something fun, but it also–of course–results in a delicious treat.

This classic chocolate from David Lebovitz is my favourite. The result is rich and creamy, it lasts (if you can resist it) in the freezer without becoming over hard or developing too many ice crystals.


H is for Holding Space

Holding space is deceptively simple. Holding space means being present with someone without judgment, letting arise what needs to, and just observing. Holding space involves deep compassion for others, and opening your heart to them. Often when we think of the heart and working with the heart, we think of actions and expressions. Holding space is an actionless action which takes up only description. It is being there.

For me, as a Reiki practitioner, I think of holding space as intentionally clearing a space in which I can whole heartedly, compassionately, be present with another as they open and work through what arises.  I am out of the way–so to speak–in order to let them fully experience the vitality of their own energy.

E is for Eating


Creme brûlée, Portuguese custard tarts, and eggs Benedict: three old favourites that I long for. I can’t eat wheat, nor can I eat eggs. My body aches for days, and my mind gets mushy ( yup, brain fog isn’t just a term) after just one serving. Swollen lips? You bet. And, after years of cheating on my dietary needs myself, I committed to being good to myself and only eating what I know is good for my body–even if it means paying extra.

I used to envy bloggers like the Gluten free girl who seemed to effortlessly transition into a new way of eating. Sometimes not being able to eat everything means you can’t share appetizers with friends, or need to read menus before getting a table, or say no to free samples. Having a food allergy can make social situations awkward. It made dating terribly awkward ( just how may times can one describe where gluten resides in the wheat sheaf?). But, the bodily harm far out weighs the awkwardness and minor social discomfort.

Eating for your body begins with focusing on the foods that you can enjoy, and politely passing on others.

D is for dessert

I’m a big fan of dairy. Huge. So, when my bowl of fresh berries was looking a little dull, I whipped up some left over heavy cream with vanilla sugar. It’s really that easy. No measuring, just pouring and whipping.