E is for Eating


Creme brûlée, Portuguese custard tarts, and eggs Benedict: three old favourites that I long for. I can’t eat wheat, nor can I eat eggs. My body aches for days, and my mind gets mushy ( yup, brain fog isn’t just a term) after just one serving. Swollen lips? You bet. And, after years of cheating on my dietary needs myself, I committed to being good to myself and only eating what I know is good for my body–even if it means paying extra.

I used to envy bloggers like the Gluten free girl who seemed to effortlessly transition into a new way of eating. Sometimes not being able to eat everything means you can’t share appetizers with friends, or need to read menus before getting a table, or say no to free samples. Having a food allergy can make social situations awkward. It made dating terribly awkward ( just how may times can one describe where gluten resides in the wheat sheaf?). But, the bodily harm far out weighs the awkwardness and minor social discomfort.

Eating for your body begins with focusing on the foods that you can enjoy, and politely passing on others.


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