J is for Just Observe

Just observe.
Observe without judgement. Look and see what is there. Inquire. Just observe.

These are a few of the key phrases in the mode of inquiry used by my teacher, Ojelanki, during satsang. Satsang is a non-dualist tradition of inquiry which allows you to question your true nature. What satsang leads you to uncover is your connection with all being.

Just observe is a principle that focuses on using sensory perception to speak about experience. The “just” is a reminder not to judge, not to move beyond the observation.

Observation is more difficult than it sounds. How does one speak about their nose at this moment? Or, what it is that you notice before you? We may say we are happy, but this is a word that denotes a series of feelings. What are they? sensations. colours. textures. temperatures.

Just observe. See what you notice. And, notice your transformation.


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