O is for Optimism

Just a little extra o in this alphabet : )

Being optimistic is about being open to positivity and potential outcomes. Optimism does not simply hope for the best, blindly, but keeps an eye out for surprises and wonder.

Today, one of my favourite bloggers, Bri at DesignLove Fest is featuring an artist, Jimmy Marble, whose posters are all about optimism. Her post also features a cute video about Jimmy and his inspiration that is sure to make you smile. 





P is for (arm) Pits

I’ve been looking for an organic deodorant that jives with my body for some time now. I stumbled across this wonderful and easy recipe, and have been making it weekly. Small batches of about a tablespoon are best to prevent it from getting too dry. Plus, this is another way to use vintage tins or repurpose small containers.


O is for Open

Open is more than a description for an expanse or to be receptive (ex. I’m open to new ideas).

To be open is to be unconcealed. To be open is to reveal.
Open is disencumbered. Open is clear.

To be open is to allow for the presence of something.
Open meets presence and allows it be what it is.

N is also for Nut Crackers

I’ve been making nut milk consistently, and saving the nut grounds. I was determined not to let them go to waste. If you give them a really good squeeze during the milk making process they should be dry enough to use in most recipes. But, on more than one occasion, I ran out of cheesecloth and had wet grounds. Dry or wet, making grain free crackers is always an option!

Gourmand in the kitchen has a great recipe. They are also so versatile: I’ve added pepper, swapped sesame seeds for hemp, and used different kinds of ground nuts (always from my milk). Most importantly: I’ve had to double the recipe because I eat them up so quickly!


N is for Nut Milk

Nut milk is a wonderful alternative to cow’s milk, goat’s milk, soy milk, or rice milk. You can use nearly any nut: almond, cashew, brazil nut, hazelnut, etc. Just soak, rinse, blend, and drain! For a detailed tutorial visit My New Roots.

<a href="//www.vimeo.com/27840577 w=500&h=281] ;Ny New Roots also made this adorable little video that takes you through each step. Watch, dance, giggle, and make!


M is for Microgreens

Microgreens are a wonderful addition to any salad or sandwich. They add a nice crunch, rich flavour, and are full of vitamins. That’s three reasons to love them!

I typically buy microgreens at my local organic grocer. But,I was inspired by Livia Sweets post to try growing my own, and to plant them in vintage tins! Not only do I love, and have too many, tins, but I also love having ways of using them!

My version:
I especially love practical ways of re-using them that brighten up my space, and produce delicious treats.

Livia’s tutorial is simple, and is really quick.

Livia’s inspiring original:


L is for Library and Ex Libris

One of the perks of being a student (read: passionate learner) is the joy of indulging in office supplies. Indulging in office supplies? yes. I love to add little colourful pops of joy into my work (and pleasure). I have spotted stickies in my Reiki books to demarcate key concepts, and colour coded flags in my chakra books to help locate the colours faster. And, of course, my growing home library is colour coded so that I can find things faster.

These cute bookplates from Orange you Lucky! Are a cute addition to any book, or library. And are a nice way to ensure you’ll get your books back. If you choose to use them, make sure to thank Orange you Lucky! for their work.

J is for Just Observe

Just observe.
Observe without judgement. Look and see what is there. Inquire. Just observe.

These are a few of the key phrases in the mode of inquiry used by my teacher, Ojelanki, during satsang. Satsang is a non-dualist tradition of inquiry which allows you to question your true nature. What satsang leads you to uncover is your connection with all being.

Just observe is a principle that focuses on using sensory perception to speak about experience. The “just” is a reminder not to judge, not to move beyond the observation.

Observation is more difficult than it sounds. How does one speak about their nose at this moment? Or, what it is that you notice before you? We may say we are happy, but this is a word that denotes a series of feelings. What are they? sensations. colours. textures. temperatures.

Just observe. See what you notice. And, notice your transformation.