M is for Microgreens

Microgreens are a wonderful addition to any salad or sandwich. They add a nice crunch, rich flavour, and are full of vitamins. That’s three reasons to love them!

I typically buy microgreens at my local organic grocer. But,I was inspired by Livia Sweets post to try growing my own, and to plant them in vintage tins! Not only do I love, and have too many, tins, but I also love having ways of using them!

My version:
I especially love practical ways of re-using them that brighten up my space, and produce delicious treats.

Livia’s tutorial is simple, and is really quick.

Livia’s inspiring original:



C is for Carrot


These little lovelies were plucked out of the garden that I’ve been helping to tend.

A is for amaranth


A visit to the Dufferin Grove farmer’s market brought this lovely leaf into my life: amaranth. A robust crunch that mixes well into salad and doesn’t get too squishy over hot pasta.