Choosing Reiki

Choosing Reiki

I found Reiki by surprise. During the completion of my master’s thesis, I began to struggle with writing anxiety. I was determined to complete my M.A. a happy and anxiety-free person. My anxiety manifested itself bodily as a feeling of being disassociated, nearly ‘out’ of my body. So, I decided to get back into my body with the assistance of massage. When I explained my situation to my massage therapist, she asked if I would be open to receiving Reiki–and I was. I immediately noticed a difference in my feeling of embodiment and the sharpness of my sensations. My body began to move more easily, and my mind was more focused (no more monkey mind!) and my thoughts were clearer. A few years later, a friend invited me to join her at a Reiki class, and I’ve been happily working with Reiki ever since.

Consider Reiki

You may consider turning to Reiki for a number of reasons: feeling sluggish, difficulty sleeping, support healing after a surgery, or simply as a way to relax and feel great.

I would be happy to hold space for you.

Remember: Reiki is an additional form of self-care. Reiki works with your current health and wellness program. It does not take the place of your current medications or therapies.


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