Make & Hold Space Reiki

Welcome to Make & Hold Space Reiki!

Make and Hold Space Reiki is a Toronto-based Reiki practiced run by Zorianna Zurba. Zorianna has completed formal training in Usui Reiki, and is currently studying and working with All Love (SHKM). Zorianna is a CRA registered practitioner (CRA# 12-115).

Make & Hold Values

It is my belief that taking the time to work with a Reiki practitioner is a participatory practice. I’ve prepared space for you to, and you are able to make space in your schedule to meet with me. Together we will hold space to practice Reiki.

Reiki is a holistic wellness technique. Specifically, it is a Japanese practice of energy healing– the ‘ki’ refers to the universal life force energy (sometimes called ‘chi’ or ‘qi’). During a Reiki session you work with the practitioner to strengthen your ability to heal yourself. Reiki works to improve your general sense of well being, and is calming and relaxing.

A Reiki session will typically last about 50 minutes. The practitioner can either: touch the participant or work off the body. Touch is practiced gently with still hands to bring mindfulness and attention to the place of contact. In either situation, during the session you may feel warmth generated by the practitioner’s hands, and may experience some tingling, change in body temperature, arising thoughts or emotions, and increased sensory awareness. Multiple sessions bring cumulative results. Session frequency is decided by you.

Reiki is one part of self care. The blog portion of this website is dedicated to little ways of taking care of ourselves, the people we love, and the space around us.


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