What is this meditation thing all about?

A clever little video from Andy Puddicomb, author of The Headspace Diet, and mindful mind behind Headspace


O is for Open

Open is more than a description for an expanse or to be receptive (ex. I’m open to new ideas).

To be open is to be unconcealed. To be open is to reveal.
Open is disencumbered. Open is clear.

To be open is to allow for the presence of something.
Open meets presence and allows it be what it is.

M is for Microgreens

Microgreens are a wonderful addition to any salad or sandwich. They add a nice crunch, rich flavour, and are full of vitamins. That’s three reasons to love them!

I typically buy microgreens at my local organic grocer. But,I was inspired by Livia Sweets post to try growing my own, and to plant them in vintage tins! Not only do I love, and have too many, tins, but I also love having ways of using them!

My version:
I especially love practical ways of re-using them that brighten up my space, and produce delicious treats.

Livia’s tutorial is simple, and is really quick.

Livia’s inspiring original:


H is for Holding Space

Holding space is deceptively simple. Holding space means being present with someone without judgment, letting arise what needs to, and just observing. Holding space involves deep compassion for others, and opening your heart to them. Often when we think of the heart and working with the heart, we think of actions and expressions. Holding space is an actionless action which takes up only description. It is being there.

For me, as a Reiki practitioner, I think of holding space as intentionally clearing a space in which I can whole heartedly, compassionately, be present with another as they open and work through what arises.¬† I am out of the way–so to speak–in order to let them fully experience the vitality of their own energy.